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Today we had again a party!!! The Christmas party for our staff... Every year we divide our staff in two groups. One group is free with Christmas and the other group is free with New Year.. To make the rota for those two weeks is a challenge!!!  Todays we had our party with all the staff, and tomorrow the first group is free.  We all got a name of another staff member and we bought a gift for that person 

It has become a tradition... One of the staff organised the music and everybody is clapping and singing with the music. It is noisy, a lot of laughter. And one by one everybody walks  around the table with their gift, stops a couple of times to tease someone that they want to give it and then walks further.. Some dance around the table, yes it was a happy time....

After everybody has given their gift to somebody, we are going to open the gifts and people are very exciting.


It is fun and everybody was happy. 

Of course, we had a nice meal after the opening of the gifts. The staff had cooked themselves in the morning and it was really nice. We had our little party during the day, we started at 2 pm, most of the children are then sleeping. we did fed some baby's in between and the others were taken out of bed when we started the meal. We were able to re-settle a number of children back to their relatives. At the moment we have 11 children in the house. That is good, because tomorrow we work with only half of the team.

We wish you all a Merry Christmas and a good 2022!

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