Twins x 3

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Today, new twins were brought to Amecet. A boy and a girl... This brings the sets of twins to 3 in Amecet... And all 3 sets are boy/girl.......

The babies of today are 10 days old, left is Opio Silver and right is Adongo Benna, who smiled in her sleep, when I took this picture. They were born by caesarean operation, everything looked good, but after 4 days, the mother got problems with high blood pressure and she died. It is hard for the family to suddenly have to care for 2 small infants, so they asked Amecet for help. We are happy to help and the family can organize themselves and they will be ready in 2 months, to take over the care for them again.

Opio Mohammed and his twin sister Adongo Zaituna are now 4 weeks old. They were brought to Amecet 10 days ago. Their mother also died, 3 weeks after their birth. They were also born by a caesarean operation.  their mother was in and out of hospital after the delivery, but she died, leaving those two beautiful babies behind. They are drinking well and are growing and the family loves them and have been visiting them several times. 

This are Odongo Justin (left) and Apio Martha. They came in Amecet at the end of January 2022, they were 8 months old. After the delivery they all went home and everything seemed to be normal. After 5 months the mother became sick and they brought her to the hospital, and after the first hospital, they went to the second hospital and she died there, this was all in a time of 3 months. The two babies were given to the grandmother to be cared of, but it was too much for the old lady and the babies were malnourished by the time the mother passed on. That is why they came to Amecet. They do very well now, they crawl everywhere and they are very cute, but naughty as well. We have had contact with the family and they are ready to take them back again. So Martha and Justin will leave Amecet in the next week probably...

Maybe you have been noticing something about their names.....Apio, Opio, Odongo and Adongo....  Children don't get normally the name of their father, but they are given a name of somebody of the clan, somebody the parents want to honor.  Except with twins they always give them the name Apio, if it is the first born of the twin, and Acen or Adongo if it is the second born of the twin. Then there is a difference if it is a boy or a girl; a girl will be Apio and a boy will be Opio.  Hope you still follow me, Martha was the first born, so she is Apio and Justin was the second born of the twin, so he is Odongo. This was the rule which is still followed here, but there are also Apio's or Opio's which are not a twin, but most of the time it has to do with being part of twins....

Now to check if you got it..... who was the first born, Mohammed or Zaituna??????

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