Adoption papers were given!!!!!

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It was for us in Amecet, a very special day........ We were able to give the final adoption orders from the Court, to 25 families!!!

In total there are 55 children adopted into local, Ugandan families. This are all children who could not go back to their own families, some were abandoned, and we were not able to locate their relatives, others were in danger to stay with their mother, some mothers had a mental illness and were just "on the road", others lost their mother and the relatives were not able to care for the children. Today, we saw 25 of them and it really touched me. Knowing, where the children came from and now seeing them, nicely dressed, loved and cared for, I am so thankful for these parents, who were willing to take them into their family and care for them as their own!!!!!

A special thanks goes to a Dutch organization; Metterdaad. They supported us financially. After the families had fostered the children for some years, the final adoption process had to start, but the families didn't have the money to start this long process. Metterdaad gave the finances and our social workers, Elias and Simon worked on the process, together with the Probation officer and the lawyer. Without the help of Metterdaad, we would not have the party today!!! 

On the picture left, we see Julius, this was in 2014. The mother of Julius had a mental illness, she had no home, was just walking along the road. She gave birth in a empty house , without a roof. The Police asked for our help, they were fearing for the life of the baby. The mother fed the newborn baby potatoes.. The baby came to Amecet, the mother ran off and we were not able to find any relatives, the mother was not from Teso. The lady on the picture wanted to adopt Julius and after some time she started the fostering. Today she received the final Adoption order from Court. Julius is now 8 years old and goes to school!!

Vicky was born on 11/3/2019 in Soroti Hospital. Her mother had also a mental illness and there was a woman who had taken her in her house towards the end of the pregnancy. But her motive was not to help the lady, but to sell the baby when it was born. We were asked to come in and take the baby, while the police was also involved. The mother ran away and is not seen ever after that. We were not able to trace for her relatives and the baby was given for fostering and adoption. Today the adoptive mother got her adoption order. Vicky is 3 years old and goes to nursery school 

This family adopted two children from Amecet. The first one was Ruben, he was found in March 2016, somewhere in a village, nobody knew where he had come from. All the tracing was in vain. He was a cute boy of 1,5 years old. This beautiful couple was willing to take him in and foster him, to adopt later. The second child was a girl, Rebecca. She was 1,5 years old when she came in Amecet in March 2018. Rebecca was left by her mother at the grandmothers place. But the old lady was not fit to care for her. The family clan sat together and decided that there was nobody willing or able to care for the little girl. She was malnourished when she came to Amecet. The same family that took Ruben was very willing to give Rebecca also a home!! Today they received for both children the final Adoption order!!

March 2013 two twin brothers were brought to Amecet. They were a bad condition, malnourished and especially one of them was very sick. The mother didn't want to care for them, they were admitted in the hospital and the doctors were afraid she might ran away and abandoned them. Our social workers went several times to the relatives of the mother, but no  one wanted to care for the 2 little boys. They were maybe 2 years old. One of them was very sick, we had to feed him with a NG tube, he lost one eye, because the mother poked in his eye with a stick. Two months later they were taken into a nice family to be fostered. And today they got the final Adoption orders. The two boys are now 10 years old and are in Primary 4. I was so touched when I saw them. They are such a nice boys. I am so grateful that God brought them in their new family!!

The Probation Officer was there to give all the Adoption orders, which we had laminated for them. He spoke to them and I (as the director of Amecet) also had a small talk. There were snacks and soda and everybody went home happy. We have another 20 Adoption orders to give out, we will organize another meeting with those people. It was a great day, today, when I saw all those beautiful children who have a caring family and a safe future now. They all came from very difficult circumstances, but now they blossom! 

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2 jaar geleden

What a blessing and how faithful is our God

Ineke Knoeff
2 jaar geleden

Wat een heerlijke dag! Alle moeite, teleurstelling en pijn worden hiermee als het ware vergoed! Ik hoop dat er weer zulke acties komen om de adopties te financieren!